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アメリカ By Justin Prescott [2013/08/19]

SAKURA HOUSE Nakano Shimbashi is in a great location and all the residents are really nice. On a sunny day I can walk to work in Shinjuku. There are tons of cool restaurants and shops right on the street outside -- definitely try the pizza place up the road.

韓国 By L.E.K [2011/04/25]

Hello. It has been 2years since I came to Tokyo. Actually I moved several times in Tokyo, but I have never seen a real estate agency as honest as Sakura House. I guarantee that Sakura House offers rooms with reasonable price and great service. Thank you!

ベトナム By V [2010/11/17]

I have stayed at Sakura House before. I am very enjoying it. It can be said that Sakura House is a good place for foreigners to be able to stay in Japan. Room is clean and comfortable. I feel comfortable after a hard working day when stay at Sakura House.

オランダ By F.A. [2010/11/11]

At the moment I am staying in the Nakano Shimbashi building and I am really enjoying it. It is a great neighbourhoud to relax after a day exploring Japan. There are a lot of different kind of stores, so you will not have to take the metro to Shinjuku to do some groceries. The building is placed one minute from the station, and the metro system is very good so you will not have to wait that long.

ドイツ By A.G [2010/08/28]

Nakanoshimbashi was a wonderful place to stay. The area is very conformable with a lot of good places to explore. Also, it was good to meet new people. The Sakura House staff was very nice and could help me a lot.

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