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フランス By T. P. [2011/01/27]

At SAKURA HOUSE Kameari II, the atmosphere is great and the landlord is nice and friendly. The neighborhood is great too, you can find a lot of interesting places and things, such as statues of Ryoh-san (the main character of the "Kochikame" mangas). If you like Japan and Japanese culture, there is one place of interest close to the station which is a famous Japanese armors shop. Of course prices are expensive but it is worth visiting...! Easy access, close to daily convenient places, I don’t regret having stayed in this house. I have a whole bunch of good memories from there... SAKURA HOUSE Kameari II will remain dear to my heart.

ドイツ By S. T. [2010/11/03]

SAKURA HOUSE Kameari II is a really nice and clean place and I enjoyed staying in #303 very much. The landlord, Watanabe-san, is really friendly and helpful. I'd definitely stay at SAKURA HOUSE Kameari II again!

モルディブ共和国 By A.M [2010/10/22]

I had a good experinced and unforgetable time,i m in the middle of aoto and kameari station,the place is very calm,so its comfortable,sakura house in kameari.

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