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韓国 By Song [2010/09/30]

This place has good access to everywhere in Tokyo since you can use two major subway lines at Monzennakacho station. There is a big supermarket in front of the station where things are pretty cheap! Also it is very pleasant to walk around the guest house. There is a shrine near the house and also a stream running through the town. Overall, I find the house and the town very safe and convenient place to live.

イギリス By J.C [2011/10/24]

I would like to say thank you for your good service for my daughter upon her late arrival. She is very pleased with her room and this makes her parents happy. We have been very impressed with your website and services and wanted to inform you of my gratitude.

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江東区 門前仲町C


門前仲町駅 - 徒歩7分 地下鉄東西線、大江戸線(T12,E15)

水天宮前駅 - 徒歩12分 地下鉄半蔵門線 (Z10)
越中島駅 - 徒歩15分 JR京葉線
茅場町駅 - 徒歩15分 地下鉄日比谷線&東西線(H12,T11), JR京葉線
人形町駅 - 徒歩15分 地下鉄浅草線、日比谷線(A14,H13)

*近くに 門前仲町D 物件もあります。 


江東区 門前仲町E



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