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タイ By Foneko [2010/01/01]

This house is very new and convenient for Waseda students. The neighborhood is residential and quiet, yet it is only a 25 minute walk to the heart of Ikebukuro, and only a few train stops to Shinjuku. The nice Kanda river is just a few steps away. It's lined with cherry trees, a picturesque route for those who enjoy walking or jogging.

フランス By S.S [2010/11/13]

Zoshigaya is a quiet place. It` s convenient because it`s close to both JR line and Tokyo Metro. There are many shops and stores all around here. Very enjoying Place!

オーストラリア By L.F [2011/10/27]

Zoshigaya is an excellent house. Very clean, very new. Very quiet and quite convenient.

韓国 By K.J.H [2011/12/08]

I had a great time in SAKURA HOUSE Zoshigaya for 6 months. I had such fun here that I cannot believe it has already been 6 months. Sakura House Zoshigaya is 15 min. on foot from the JR Yamanote line Takadanobaba station and 7-8 min. on foot from Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin line Zoshigaya station. It is not super close to the stations but I felt like I was always taking a pleasant walk to the station. There is a nice park and a big supermarket within a 10 min. walking distance from the house. It is very quiet and clean around the house. I had no problem in the house and only thing I can think of is all the fun I had there. Finally I would like to thank you to kind staff of Sakura House!

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護国寺 2

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