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United states By Ryo J Stone [2012-09-12]

SAKURA HOUSE Harajuku B is in a very exciting location with heavy fashion and a lot of young, high-energy culture. It is also very close to a central train station and Yoyogi Park. The others I shared the house with were all friendly and helped me out with getting on my feet when I moved in. The shared spaces I admit were cluttered, but I didn't mind and felt that it added to the home-like feel of the house. Everything I needed was always well-stocked and cleaned. The cleaning staff were great to talk to. They were very nice and patient with me when I was practicing my limited Japanese. Overall, great location, great staff, affordable price. Definitely recommended!

Sweden By K.N [2009-08-06]

The room has been a pleasure and in a great area! I love harajuku!!

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原宿 C


乘坐JR山手線 至 原宿駅 歩行7分
乘坐地下黈鐵千代田線 、副都心線 至 明治神宮前駅(出口C03) 歩行7分


原宿 E


乘坐JR山手線 至原宿駅 歩行7分
乘坐地下鐵千代田線、副都心線至 明治神宮前駅(出口C03) 歩行7分


涉谷 千駄ヶ谷 ANNEX 1


◆ 新屋推介!

乘坐JR山手線 至代代木駅 - 歩行8分

乘坐JR總武線 至 千駄ヶ谷駅 - 歩行9分

乘坐地下鐵副都心線 至 北參道駅 - 歩行2分


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