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Romania By R.H [2011-08-27]

I would like to recommend Sakura House to my brother who is coming to Japan!

Singapore By An. [2010-11-29]

I stayed at Motohasunuma for almost 2months. I love the apartment. It is fully furnished, clean and spacious. The staff are very helpful and they provide excellent service. It is safe for children to stay too. I would like to stay with Sakura House again when I come back to Tokyo.

Spain By L.M. [2011-08-11]

Where should I start? The service we received was exceptional at all times and the staff was so friendly. The apartment in Motohasunuma was really convenient for us. Anything we needed was taken care inmediately by their staff. My only recomendation would be not to come to the office in a hurry! However, the staff is so friendly you don´t really want to leave! :)

France By J.E [2009-08-06]

Just an email to thank all Sakura team warmly, particularly Clothilde and Julien, for having been so available, kind and competent. Without your help we would have certainly had to manage otherwise than with Sakura House because of the language barrier and the complexity of the system. Being helped while speaking french, with two people so concerned and obliging was a real pleasure. Thanks to both of you, we had a great trip in Tokyo ! I will come back to Japan for sure, maybe next year, and I can't imagine doing this otherwise than with your company. I will recommend you to everybody I know looking for a rent in Tokyo, because people can trust in the quality of your services. Nani kara nani made arigato gosaimasu !

Canada By C.P. [2009-09-02]

Nice and quiet location, away from all the Tokyo crazyness. Good sized room. They were so helpful with getting everything setup for me. I enjoyed things a lot. Tokyo is nice and Motohasunuma is recommended.

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蓮根 "Aloe Heights"

JPY 117,000

乘坐地下鐵三田線 -蓮根駅(出口I23)- 歩行9分



JPY 103,000

乘坐都營三田線 至 板橋本町駅 - 歩行4分



JPY 61,000

-西ヶ原四丁目 - 歩行5分

乘坐JR 山手線、都營三田線
-巣鴨 - 歩行13分



JPY 125,000
JPY 75,000
JPY 48,000


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