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Canada By Alexandre T. [2011-04-08]

Everyone who would like a very convenient place to stay while you're in Tokyo should not miss Shin-Okubo Sakura house. You are just a few minutes away from the JR Yamanote line Shin-okubo station, which lets you go all over Tokyo, and, it's just 9 minutes to Shibuya if you take that train. This Sakura House is located in the middle of a very quiet neighborhood and has many "conbini" and super markets close by. On a sunny spring day I really enjoyed the short walk to Shinjuku through the amazing entertainment district of Kabukicho! Come back at night and see a total different view of the never-sleeping Kabukicho! I gotta say that during my stay, a time of great crisis for Japan, I had an amazing service from the Sakura House staff. The day after the Tohoku earthquake (March 2011) they came to ask us if we were alright, also told us the building was safe and no damages were sighted, so basically I felt really safe and appreciated the care they showed to us. If you are planning to stay in Japan for a while, there's no second thought, Sakura House is number 1!!

France By R.T. [2010-09-17]

Shinokubo is one of the finest location where I used to go for my school and already kept a great opinion of this place. That`s really near some famous places like Shinjuku, Shibuya, and you can do a lot of things there. I found a group of foreigners who practice Rugby every week with fun. So, I really recommend this place if you want to stay in Tokyo and be not far of the center of Tokyo.

Spain By Maria Jesus Imedio [2010-08-18]

I was living there and definitely I liked it !!Great location, I was going to my Japanese school by 5 min walking,very quiet and nice area with lots of restaurants,shops,food markets and close to main places such as Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya,etc... Would love to come back to the same building and room!!!

Saudi arabia By A.A. [2010-07-22]

I felt so happy that I chose Shinokubo Apt, since I really like my room and its location. My room gets a lot of sunshine! Also, Shinokubo is very convenient, because it has good access to many places. You can walk to Shinjuku!

United states By K.M. [2010-06-24]

It's a convenient location being roughly between both Shinokubo (Yamanote line) and Okubo (Sobu line) stations.

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JPY 74,000 -> JPY 69,000

乘坐 地下鐵丸之内線至- 中野新橋駅 (M05) - 歩行1分鐘

至-  新宿    10分鐘  
      六本木 25分鐘
      銀座    28分鐘



JPY 121,000

乘坐JR 中央線&地下鐵東西線 至 中野駅 - 歩行12分



JPY 65,000

乘坐 [地下鐵新宿線]  至 曙橋駅(S03)- 歩行6分鐘
乘坐  [地下鐵丸の内線] 至  四谷三丁目駅(M11)  歩行12分鐘
乘坐[地下鐵大江戸線]  至 若松河田駅(E03)- 歩行15分鐘


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