Sakura House Kyoto Vacation Rental is a traditional Kyoto Machiya townhouse that blends modern and traditional styles of Japanese architecture. Features a traditional Japanese tatami-mat room and garden, along with a western-style living room and kitchen, giving you an authentic Japanese experience with some comforts of home. Families, couples and group stays welcome. A concierge is on duty.

The Zuiki Matsuri festival

See Kyoto's Traditional Festivals and Events

Kyoto is known for its numerous festivals and events that are held throughout the year. Stay at Sakura House Kyoto to experience them! Pictured is the Zuiki Matsuri festival, dating back to the 10th century, held at nearby Kitano Tenmangu shrine each year in October.

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Kyoto Arashiyama Hantouro (Dec. 8 to Dec. 17)
Jyoya no Kane (New Year's Eve)

Garden in a traditional Kyoto Machiya House

Central Kyoto Location

The house is located in Nishijin, a central Kyoto neighborhood near Kyoto Station. You can travel from Tokyo to Kyoto in only a few hours on the world-famous shinkansen.
On-site is a friendly, knowledgeable and multilingual concierge is on duty to help you with your stay in Central Kyoto.
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Map of Japan's Kansai region

Your Base for Exploring Western Japan, Kansai and Beyond

Discover Western Japan and Kansai by staying at Sakura House Kyoto. Many guests have made Sakura House Kyoto their base in exploring Japan's magical Kansai region: cities such as Nara, Osaka and Kobe, mystical Ise-Jingu and Koyasan, the wonders of the Seto Inland Sea and the Tango area, etc. Western Japan is opened up by staying in Kyoto thanks to the Sanin Main Line.
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Rates seasonal; Kyoto city taxes included.

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The front of the Kyoto Imperial Palace

Near the Kyoto Imperial Palace

Experience Japan's Ancient Capital, Kyoto, from a historic house situated close to the Kyoto Imperial Palace and Nijo Castle. Kyoto is known as the soul of Japan, with its numerous festivals held throughout the year and delicate landscapes carefully preserved through the centuries. The Kyoto Imperial Palace and Nijo Castle are within 20 minutes walking distance!

Kyoto's Bamboo Forest

Discover Kyoto Sights

There are so many different types of Kyoto sights to see. From the old geisha district of Pontocho, where you can see "Geisha" walking to work, to Arashiyama and its famous bamboo forest. Guests have also told us that they particularly loved walking around the Gion area with its carefully preserved streets and temples, experiencing authentic Kyoto sights.

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