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Resident's Voice

Allemagne By VH [22/08/2012]

"6 mois ont déjà passé depuis que j'ai mis les pieds pour la première fois au Japon..." "SAKURA HOUSE signifie pour moi élargir son horizon, élargir son coeur..." Lire le témoignage de VH en cliquant sur le lien en haut de la page.

Grande Bretagne By Tim [11/10/2010]

Asakusa Kuramae is very conveniently located, being close to stations on both Ginza Line and Oedo Line. Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Akihabara are just stone's throw away!! Also, it's great being to next to such an interesting place as Asakusa, with all its varied shops, restaurants, and historical attractions.

Etats-Unis By G.L [06/08/2009]

Very nice. Thank you for your help with everything. You have been very accomedating in helping fix things. My recommended place is Rex Building and Ozeki(supermarket)

Mexique By Sergio Villicana Tovar [01/11/2010]

Around the corner there is a Lawson, it's very convenient. Oedo Line is also around the corner, it takes only 5 mins to get into the subway. Asakusa is the closest place for going to a supermarket.

Etats-Unis By H. C. & R. L. [31/10/2011]

Had a blast in Japan stayed at Kuramae and went to Asakusa for "Night Life". Drinking and Singing in JD bar was a time we will never forget!

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