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Australie By Andre Main [19/08/2013]

The Omori Sakura House is very conveniently located next to the Omori JR station and there are many 24h shops, two 100 yen shops and Internet cafes.

Inde By S.V [07/03/2012]

Omori is the apt place if you are reaching Japan for the first time. The grocery store is down the road and there are a couple of good Indian restaurants around you. Don't have to walk a lot to the station. Most importantly, the SAKURA HOUSE staff and residents are very friendly, so you feel that you are in a comfortable home.

Inde By Mahendra Bache Gowda [28/11/2010]

Nice place to stay in. People should use the resources effectively. Indobazaar at Kamata (next station) is good where all the Indian grocery is available. The McDonald's and grocery in the basement of Omori station and Seiyu grocery store are very good.

Inde By V.B. [24/10/2011]

You never get bored here as you get to interact with so many people!

Philippines By Philip K. [01/11/2010]

very nice place to stay and very close to Omori Station with many shops and supermarkets. Sakura House staff is very helpful and helps with all problems very quickly.

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