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Harajuku Tour by SAKURA HOUSE

We visited two of the most popular places in Tokyo. The first, Meiji Jingu, is one of the biggest Shinto shrines in Japan. The second is Harajuku. Everyone in Tokyo goes to both at one point or another.

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Sakura KARAOKE Party Vol.14


Do you know the best way to enjoy a karaoke night out in Tokyo? Join us for our next Sakura Karaoke Party! Starting at GINZA 300BAR 5 chome and then go to the KARAOKE party at Karaoke no Tetsujin (in the same building)! Book Today: [email protected]




A RARE OPPORTUNITY to see the HORSE RACES from the exclusive HORSE-OWNERS' seats at TOKYO RACECOURSE! Afterwards, partcipants will be invited for dinners and cocktails at HOTEL CONTINENTAL FUCHU! Date: May 25. [email protected]


Free Guided Tour at DESIGN FESTA Vol. 49 2019 May 18 & 19


Exclusively for SAKURA HOUSE Residents & SAKURA HOTEL Guests. See & Buy the Work of Thousands of Artists, Designers, Musicians & Performers from Around the World! Contact [email protected] today!


Japanese Traditional Architecture and Tea Ceremony Experience


On Thursday, May 9th from 2:30 p.m., we will be attending the Japanese Traditional Architecture seminar lectured by the architect, Hiroo Maruya. You can also experience the Japanese tea ceremony in the tea room. 2000 yen [Contact] [email protected]


KURAYAMI MATSURI "Darkness Festival" at FUCHU


KURAYAMI MATSURI, Darkness Festival is one of TOKYO'S MOST FAMOUS and MEMORABLE Festivals. Let's explore and join this most popular festival with a long history since the 11th century! We will be holding this SPECIAL Sakura Event on May 5th!


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