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Canada By A.K [2010-09-28]

The SAKURA HOUSE Staff were always there to help out when I needed something. SAKURA HOUSE MONZEN-NAKACHO B was in a great location, close to interesting sites.

Korea south By Lee Eun Ju [2010-10-29]

It was good that items that I need for living were already prepared in the room. I didn't have to bring huge luggage with me thanks to that!

Korea south By Lee Hyo Jin [2010-10-29]

Some of you might have not heard of Monzennakacho, but once you get to know the area, you will see it has lots of its own charm. Access is good and there is a big supermarket near the house. I am enjoying everyday here because I have lots of friends from many different countries as my neighbor. Do not hesitate to choose Monzennakacho!

United states By P. B. [2009-09-02]

Good location, internet access, many places to choose from, convenient to move in and out, laundry facilities available.

Finland By A.H [2011-06-13]

Monnaka is one of the best areas of Tokyo, and my apartment was and is perfect!

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江東區 門前仲町A

¥99,000 -> ¥97,000

乘坐地下鐵東西線、大江戸線 至 門前仲町駅 - 歩行7分鐘 (出口T12,E15)

乘坐地下鐵半蔵門線 至 水天宮前駅 - 歩行12分鐘 (出口Z10)
乘坐JR京葉線 至 越中島駅 - 歩行15分鐘
乘坐地下鐵日比谷線 & 東西線 / JR京葉線 至                     茅場町駅 - 歩行15分 (出口H12, T11),
乘坐地下鐵淺草線 & 日比谷線 至 人形町駅 - 歩行15分鐘  (出口A14,H13)

*附近有 門前仲町 B 物件。




乘坐JR總武線&地下鐵半蔵門線 至 錦糸町駅(出口Z13) - 歩行5分鐘

*附近有 錦糸町, 錦糸町 B  物件。


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