2020/07/13 NEWS

In response to those who were requested to wait for 14 days after coming to Japan by the government.

After arriving in Japan, you may have been requested to quarantine and self-isolate at home. SAKURA HOUSE received the authorization from the Japanese government to offer accommodation for those who need to self-quarantine. As a safety measure you can move into an SAKURA HOUSE apartment.

(staying in the share house/guesthouse during the waiting period will be impossible)

– The transportation from the airport to the self-quarantine accommodation needs to be done in accordance with government directives, please do not take public transportation such as train, bus, taxi, etc.

– Please understand that we are following the government directives and policy.

-For those looking for a place to stay in Japan.
SAKURA HOUSE accepts foreigners visiting Japan on “Business Trucks” and “Residence Trucks”.
Please feel free to contact us for any matters.


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