You can secure a place to stay months before checking in by placing a deposit first and selecting a room later. We can always provide you a room when you arrive in Japan.


You can find your room with SEARCH and book with us directly.

How to rent

Secure a room directly by covering a partial amount of your stay fee prior to your arrival, or take the first step of your future travel plans with our PRE-RESERVATION service.

When are you checking in?


  1. 1

    Fill in a form

    Please complete the PRE-RESERVATION form; making sure you enter your planned check in date and personal information, as well as your preferred location, budget, and room type.

  2. 2

    Place a deposit

    The FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit is 20,000 yen. This shall be used as partial payment for your stay fee once your room is decided. If you need to cancel your PRE-RESERVATION for any reason, we will refund your deposit.

  3. 3

    Select your room

    Let us know the rooms you are interested in. You will be placed on the SAKURA HOUSE priority list, after which our staff will contact you approximately one month before your arrival and work with you to find the perfect room for your stay. Once your room is finally confirmed, you will be all set for your stay in Japan!

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