Discover the beautiful coastal areas of Kawazu on Izu Peninsula

Experience the nature, hot springs and beautiful nature of Shizuoka Prefecture

Kawazu, a town located on Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, is one of the most popular resort areas in Japan, with many people visiting from all over Japan throughout the year. From Tokyo Station, Kawazu can be accessed in approximately two and a half hours by train, making it a great destination for those planning to visit Tokyo.


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One of the most popular events held during the cherry blossom season in Kawazu is the Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Festival, which attracts many visitors each year. The Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Festival is scheduled according to the blossoming season, but typically starts in early February and lasts for a month. In addition to the cherry blossoms, visitors can enjoy eating local street food from the many vendors set up along the cherry trees. Many of the traditional Japanese snacks, including taiyaki (a fish-shaped waffle filled with ingredient such as red bean paste, custard or chocolate), fried mochi, and soft-serve ice cream, are colored with pink to resemble the cherry blossoms.

There are many areas to enjoy the cherry blossoms along the river, including the area surrounding the Hosenbashi Bridge and the Odoriko Onsen Kaikan. In the evening, the cherry blossoms are illuminated to offer a different atmosphere from the daytime. Those wishing to experience the illuminated cherry blossoms should go the area along the Yakatabashi Bridge and the area from Hosenbashi Bridge to behind the Odoriko Onsen Kaikan.

In addition to the cherry blossoms, another popular tourist destination in Kawazu is the collection of hot springs in the area. There are seven famous hot-spring baths in the Kawazu area. One of them, the Imaihama Onsen, is located in close proximity to a beautiful beach, enabling visitors to enjoy the scenic ocean view while relaxing in the hot spring bath.

Improve your Japanese while living in Shizuoka Prefecture

The Shizuoka Japanese Education Center was founded in 1989 with the aim of developing human resources that can contribute to improve international understanding. Located in central Shizuoka Prefecture, the beautiful surrounding nature and friendly locals make it a perfect setting to study Japanese. The school offers courses specifically tailored towards foreign exchange students, for students who wish to study while working and general courses for students on tourism visas or short-term stays.

Another excellent option is the A.C.C. International Culture College, which is located north of Kawazu near the city of Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture. The school aims to improve the communication ability and self-study ability of students through special advancement classes, elective classes, portfolios to check your progression and personal interviews. After every three-month semester, the school’s qualified professors check the Japanese levels of their students with semester-end exams and personal interviews to determine the appropriate courses for the following semester.

Enjoy easy access to the lush greenery, beaches and hot springs of Izu

SAKURA HOUSE Izu Kawazu, a share house that will be newly opened in July 2019, is a great option for visitors staying in the area. The two-story share house has a total of five Japanese-style rooms, along with two private hot spring baths and a common dining and kitchen area for guests to use. The traditional Japanese-style share house is in close proximity to the coastal area of Kawazu, making it easy for guests to walk around and enjoy the region’s beautiful natural landscapes. The share house is especially popular among tourists during the summer season. The share house is also located within nine minutes from Kawazu Station on the Izu Kyuko Line on foot and is approximately two and a half hours away on train from Tokyo, providing easy and convenient access.


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