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SAKURA HOUSE and our residents are a community, building a home away from home. We like to go the extra mile and make the process for foreigners coming to Japan as smooth and easy as possible. For your home in Japan, SAKURA HOUSE offers over 1000 Apartment, Share House, Guest House & Vacation Rental House stay options for daily, weekly and monthly stays in 100 locations in Tokyo and Kyoto.
(*daily/weekly stays are currently limited)

Service List

  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly stays. (*daily/weekly stays are currently limited)
  • Sudden check-in possible.
  • Rooms exclusively for women, and Muslim-friendly accommodations, available.


  • All rooms furnished and with air conditioners.
  • Water, Gas, Electricity utilities included in the rent.
  • Free Wi-Fi.


  • No key money or agent fee needed.
  • No guarantor required.
  • Credit cards accepted (VISA / MasterCard / DC / AMEX / UnionPay / JCB / Diners / Discover).
  • Online payment service (Alipay / Wechat Pay / Paypal).


  • SAKURA HOUSE LOUNGE is open 365 days a year

  • Multilingual staff (English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Japanese)

  • Personalized support & service: Providing information of the local areas, hospitals, ward offices, etc.

  • Luggage storage space available at SAKURA HOUSE LOUNGE

  • Taxi arrangement from SAKURA HOUSE LOUNGE

  • Holding SAKURA EVENTS throughout the year

  • Equipment repair and maintenance by our professional maintenance team

  • Residence cleaning of common areas by our professional maintenance team


Sales team

Offering multilingual support by a team of international staff members, making it easy to communicate and break the language barrier that usually worries travelers.

Maintenance team

We have our own maintenance team that cleans, repairs and upgrades each residence. If you experience any problems, contact SAKURA HOUSE immediately and we will provide assistance.

Event Team

We organize and provide our original “SAKURA EVENTS” throughout the year, with experiences that reflect aspects of Japanese culture and it’s history. Such as visiting Buddhist Temples with Tour Guides, walking through the Imperial Palace or enjoying a traditional Noh performance.


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