Resident's Voice

France By Frederik [2010-06-25]

Thank you Sakura House! I stayed for 6 month in Akebonobashi 2 and really enjoyed my stay there. The train station is two minutes away from home, as well as the shopping street called "Akebonobashi douri", with plenty of stores that provide you everything you need, very convenient! What I enjoyed most was to live in a house located inside of Tokyo, yet in a quiet residential area. Within 30 minutes, I could reach places like Shinjuku, Iidabashi or Yotsuya by foot!! That was awesome and made me spare a lot of money. It is also useful when going out in the evening, so you don't have to think about catching the last train, which is quite early. Akebonobashi is "my home" in Tokyo! I really got to come back soon...

Sweden By K.B. [2010-10-04]

With it`s breathtaking terrace, with perfect location close to Shinjuku, and in a cozy area, Akebonobashi 2 was a super good place to live in Tokyo.

Spain By L.N. [2010-11-30]

It's great to live in Shinjuku, you can walk through Kabuicho everyday and enjoy the view of the host clubs advertisement!!

France By C.M. [2010-08-09]

Lovely borrow. Nice and big place. Great balcony! Really enjoyed my stay! All the commodities are really near the flat.

France By C.D. [2010-08-09]

'Akebonobashi 2' is a nice flat with a great balcony, a real pleasure for evenings, very beautiful view!

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