2020/03/30 NEWS

Response to the Prevention of COVID-19

Thank you very much for choosing SAKURA HOUSE.

As a preventive measure against the new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection,
SAKURA HOUSE has implemented the following measures to ensure the safety of our residents.

Disinfection work in SAKURA HOUSE
Common areas, rooms, and staircases, which are often used by residents, are regularly disinfected and cleaned.

Health care of staff
In consideration of the health and safety of our customers and staff,
we ensure that our staff gargle and wash their hands thoroughly and some of our staff will be wearing face masks.

Thank you for your understanding.
Additional notes about coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

To prevent the spread the virus, all Sakura House staff wear masks during working hours

  The staff use soap to wash hand frequently and “wash, gargle, and disinfect” before entering the officer as well as our different houses.

  Each working day, before reaching the office, all staff also measures his / her body temperature at home and does not come to the office if a fever of 37 degrees or higher is detected.

  Any staff who would present signs of fever would immediately return home.

For all our residents, recommendations about hand wash, gargle and disinfection are provided

Hygiene enhancements in Sakura House
-Hand sanitizer installation in each house
-Common areas, rooms, stairs, etc., which are often used by residents, are cleaned more frequently and disinfected

  Thank you for your understanding.



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