2019/10/04 NEWS

Nishiarai Daishi featured in The Japan Times

How’s everyone doing in this hot summer? Hope you have visited the beach or some Matsuri in Japan ?

Our residents in Nishiarai Daishi Guest House had the special chance to be interviewed by the Japan Times. 

The article has been posted in “The Foreign Times”Article details >>

They were able to enjoy their stay in Tokyo thanks to the affordable housing SAKURA HOUSE provides for students.

They love cooking, traveling and taking pictures.

Sharing their home country dishes in Sakura Kitchen located in SAKURA HOSTEL Asakusa was one of the most fun events they joined ?

As the end of the study has come they had to go back to Thailand, but we were really happy to have them as our residents

We hope they visit Japan next time ?

If you wish to also be part of this amazing community you can get more information in the following link



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