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Summer, Autumn, and Winter Book Today to reserve Your Place in Tokyo and Kyoto!

Book today and get ready for your stay in Japan in this summer, autumn, winter AND 2022!

If you are (going to be) a student, businessman, or working holiday visa holder and are looking for a place to stay in Japan, SAKURA HOUSE has 100 share houses, guesthouses, and apartments in Tokyo and Kyoto with over 1000 rooms/beds. If you want to stay for 14 days for the self-quarantine or for a month or longer, you can make a reservation today at SAKURA HOUSE. We have rooms that are conveniently located near stations, include all utilities, are fully furnished, and have free Wi-Fi!



While accepting foreign visitors to Japan for 29 years since 1992, SAKURA HOUSE main users are business people relating to Japan, and professors in education and medical fields. And researchers, as well as overseas students from Japanese language schools and universities / vocational schools.



Summer 2021


Summer is an exciting time to enjoy both the ocean and the mountains, and there are many summer language school intensive courses, university summer courses, and companies that start work in the summer. If you are looking forward to the summer sporting events in 2021, make sure to secure your accommodation early so that you can prepare for them.


With SAKURA HOUSE’s “PRE-RESERVATION”, you can change your move-in date with no cancellation fee.
When your move-in date is near, SAKURA HOUSE’s experienced staff will find the right room with you!





Autumn and Winter 2021


Autumn and Winter are the season to enjoy traditional culture such as autumn leaves, gourmet food, festivals, new years eve etc. If you are planning to go to work or school in the fall, you can also secure a place by using SAKURA HOUSE’s “PRE-RESERVATION”. If you are planning to telework, work on vacation, or stay at a room as a satellite office, SAKURA HOUSE has everything you need.


With “PRE-RESERVATION”, a deposit is placed first and a room is selected later, allowing you to secure a place to stay months before you actually move to Tokyo/Izu/Kyoto. The SAKURA HOUSE staff will find and recommend rooms that best match your requirements.





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Choose from more than 1000 beds and rooms in over 100 locations in Tokyo and Kyoto.
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