2021/02/03 INFORMATION

Rent out a whole house in Tokyo or Kyoto.

Good news for everyone who is looking for a satellite office for teleworking or for a place to stay with group/family members!

Rent out the entire house (a whole house for rent)! You can use it as a place to stay for teleworking in a quiet environment in Tokyo or Kyoto, either on a short-term or monthly basis.

Move in today and start a new normal life at a small shared house with your group, family, team or staff.



All SAKURA HOUSEs are fully furnished with desks and chairs, beddings and Free Wi-Fi. By renting out the house, you can use the kitchen, toilet, and shower only with your group, making your stay more comfortable and secure.





You can stay for a short term or a long term (of one year) on a monthly basis.


–> Stay with your family for a while before moving to a new place.
–> Stay with a group and explore Tokyo or Kyoto.
–> Planning to start your own business and are looking for a base for research? We have got the houses for you.
–> Looking for a place to stay in a quiet residential area with convenient access to the heart of the city or looking for a room for telework or satellite office,
SAKURA HOUSE is the place for you!

In Katsushika ward in eastern Tokyo, there are SAKURA HOUSEs where you can concentrate in a relaxed atmosphere with easy access to central Tokyo.



ENTIRE HOUSE with 3 rooms
from 110,000 yen / month
Size: 33.0m²
Rent out the entire TATEISHI House for your group / family. All furnished with electrical appliances and free Wi-Fi. Also great for a workation, teleworking/telecommuting (remote work)!




In Kyoto, there is a renovated machiya-style house in Imadegawa, just a short distance from the Kyoto Imperial Palace, that can accommodate groups.



ENTIRE HOUSE with 2 rooms
from 200,000 yen / month
Size: 62.1m²
Rent out the entire KYOTO L House. All furnished with electrical appliances and free Wi-Fi. Kitchen, Toilet and Shower.





And there are more houses in Tokyo;



ENTIRE HOUSE with 3 rooms
from 150,000 yen / month
Size: 43.0m²
SAKURA HOUSE Tomigaya is located in Shibuya-ku (ward), Tokyo.



ENTIRE 2nd FLOOR with 2 rooms
from 180,000 yen / month
Size: 28.1m²
SAKURA HOUSE Harajuku E (floor rental) is located in Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, a 30 second walk to the famous Takeshita Street in Harajuku.





When you need to temporarily move from your current place to live due to renovation or repair work, you may find that the regular two-year lease contract is usually too long or the key money and agency fees are too high.


With SAKURA HOUSE, you can move in right away with no key money or agency fee, just the deposit and the first month’s stay fee. (The stay fee includes the monthly rent and utilities.) All rooms are furnished and electrical appliances are ready, so you can start your stay smoothly from the day you move in.


Started teleworking at home, but found it difficult to concentrate because there were so many things going on outside of work? Having a difficulty in online meetings with a team, misunderstanding each other’s comments spoken at the same time? There are many obstacles in the way of working comfortably in this new normal lifestyle.


By renting out one of the SAKURA HOUSEs, you can use private rooms, the kitchen and dining area to hold meetings. Our house is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can start your work at home right away without having to worry about contacting Internet service providers, waiting for the one-month-long installation work, or setting us the Wi-Fi routers.


“I’d like to try a satellite office, but renting a place by the hour is too short and takes up too much time moving around, preparing and cleaning up, staying a few nights at some accommodation is too expensive, and staying in the city is too expensive and no different than commuting to work. “


We receive inquiries for a place, everyone should be able to freely decide the length of their stay, where they can relax in a peaceful quiet area.


Here’s your chance to rent out a whole house for your stay! Contact us today and book your home away from home.





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