2020/12/15 (Tue) SAKURA HOUSE

A unique quarantine stay in Kyoto

Currently, any foreign national entering Japan with a valid visa must undergo a 14 days quarantine stay in isolation. To help our residents with this new requirements, Sakura House has already started providing private apartment units fully equipped and furnished in the Tokyo area. But now, we are able to offer the same service in Kyoto in a few of our private Kyoto houses.

When searching for a place in Kyoto to complete a quarantine stay, it is usual to come across very small apartments or hotel rooms which can be quite a claustrophobic experience. This is why we are happy to currently offer our Kyoto Machiya houses for a most pleasant stay without any stress.

Starting from just 1 person to a couple, family or group, feel free to walk freely in the spacious living area of KYOTO R and having some fresh air in its large Japanese garden. No need to stay indoors all the time as the garden is a completely private area in this house.

KYOTO R: https://www.sakura-house.com/building/kyoto-imadegawa?rcid=2619

*Whole property reservation. Price varies depending on the details of inquiry.

Alternatively, KYOTO L has already welcomed families in search for separate rooms for their children. Here also, the large windows shall provide plenty of natural light during the day and the chance to ventilate the rooms accordingly.

KYOTO L: https://www.sakura-house.com/building/kyoto-imadegawa-l

*Whole property reservation. Price varies depending on the details of inquiry.

Both houses located in the traditional central neighborhood of Nishijin, access is easily achieved through 2 of the main city streets of Karasuma-dori and Imadegawa-dori when coming from the city’s main known point of Kyoto Station. It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach the house from Kansai International Airport, and many of the local taxi companies have started offering transport services for exchange students and foreign workers.

Houses are furnished and equipped to allow our residents to start their stay in Kyoto as if they were at home. The neighborhood also offers a great variety of culinary options, with almost all of them registered in online delivery services. For cooking at home, our local staff member can also provide assistance on having shopping done on residents behalf and having it delivered to the front door of the house.

Arrive to Kyoto, Japan, stress free and ready to enjoy your trip from the 1st day with Sakura House.




    KYOTO R (Machiya House)


    Total from ¥94,000 / month


    KYOTO L (Machiya House)


    Total from ¥45,000 / month


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