2023/07/07 (Fri) Living in Japan

미나토에 완전히 개조된 새로운 쉐어하우스가 7월에 문을 엽니다.

If you were to pick a place to live in Tokyo – out of the top of your head – what would you say?

Perhaps Shibuya comes to mind. After all, it’s got the landmark crossing and the famous Hachiko statue to boot.

Perhaps you’d suggest the area surrounding Tokyo Station – you really can’t go wrong with the center of the city.

Or maybe you’re an anime expert and you would have guessed Akihabara or Asakusa.

So, what if I told you that the most trendy, in-demand place in all of Japan is… Minato?
The Minato ward has one of the largest concentrations of foreign residents, hosting many foreign companies and the embassies of 77 countries. It has the Tokyo Tower, the Roppongi nightlife, and the Mori Art Museum, which offers a spectacular Tokyo panoramic view from the 53rd Floor.
Not only is it cool to live in Minato, but you can also visit all of Tokyo’s cool areas – from Shinjuku on the west side to Asakusa on the east side – within a short commute.
You can even visit Yokohama and come back before lunch!
One of the numerous hip Minato neighborhoods to live in, is Takanawa!

There’s a lot to do in Takanawa, but the Takanawa Gateway Station may just be the neighborhood’s most famous feature. As the newest station on the well-known JR Yamanote loop line, it connects Tokyo and Yokohama and has gained notoriety for its futuristic design (by a famous architect: Kengo Kuma) and for being almost entirely staffed by A.I. robots. Or these and many more reasons, the SAKURA HOUSE MINATO-KU TAKANAWA has been one of our most popular residences for a long time. However, it has been difficult for us to serve inquiring customers because of the limited availability.
And thus, it is with great excitement that we are announcing the opening of a new share house in MINATO-KU TAKANAWA!

The first floor of the MINATO-KU TAKANAWA building has been closed for several years, but now we were finally able to proceed with the construction and renovation work.
For the construction work, we decided to bring the same construction director who worked in SHIBUYA HIROO house, one of our most famous and popular houses. The new MINATO-KU TAKANAWA share house will have a bold, completely new layout design that has never been attempted before. We absolutely cannot wait to show it to you once it’s finished!
It’s been a few months since construction began, but now we’re getting close to finishing up. There are a few last-minute details to iron out, and we’re currently working out the interior decoration, but we expect it to be complete by the 20th of July. This July and August, we would like to welcome all of you last-minute  accommodation seekers, at this newly renovated share house in Minato.

Do you want to know more about this new share house? Don’t miss out on our upcoming blog postings!






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