2020/02/19 (Wed) Japanese Tips


Konnichi wa everyone !

Last week was held one of our most exciting events: The Sumo Tour!
About 35 of our Sakura House and Sakura Hotel guests has the rare chance to be invited to
attend the morning training at the Tamanoi-beya sumo stable, located just 500 meters away from our friendly guest house NISHIARAI DAISHI.

Sumo wrestling is the national sport in Japan, and also considered a sacred tradition with Shinto origins that can be traced back through centuries. The wrestlers train from early morning each day to improve their techniques and prepares the six tournaments held every year in Japan – Three in Tokyo (January, May and September), one in Osaka (March), one in Nagoya (July) and one in Fukuoka (November). Each tournament lasts for 15 days.

One of our residents attending the training is coming from Mongolia. He realized one of the rikishi (wrestlers) named Azuma-Ryû is also Mongolian! After the training, he was so exciting to meet him and they quickly start chatting in Mongolian. After few minutes they were already friends! Azuma-Ryû is soon heading to Osaka for the next tournament and he invited our guest for a lunch with him! How lucky to be travelling to Japan and befriend a real sumo wrestler. That is for sure a #1 memory!!

After the training, all our friends went for a stroll in the Nishiarai Daishi temple, one of the biggest Buddhist temples of the city, before joining to a local wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets) shop to enjoy the specialty of the area : the Kusa mochi (green color sweet made of mochi mixed with yomogi leaves), as well as some Kuzu-mochi with black syrup, a traditional and refined sweet.

And all of this was possible just few meters away from our guest house NISHIHARAI DAISHI. One of our greatest options in terms of affordability and convenience, as it is possible to rent from 36,000 yen / month. The House is also located in a very authentic neighborhood of Tokyo, when open can really feels the “real Tokyo”, ans has a good train connection to Tokyo center with direct access to Ueno, Akihabara, Ginza, Roppongi and even Shibuya !

That is what we call a very good day! All our guests and the staff could share a nice time of exchange and discoveries together. We could witness countless new friendships starting and everyone get to understand Japanese culture a bit more deeply, after experiencing it with their five senses.
This is the very purpose of our event : create bounds between people and fill our guests with the unforgettable and unique memories. We hope next time it will be with you ^^

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    Total from ¥36,000 / month


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