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Making the best of life in Kyoto: Flea markets

While enjoying a stay in Kyoto, one of the many delights is having the possibility to buy some unique antique goods. Kyoto is well known for being a city that carries even until today much of Japan’s history, having ben the capital of the country for over 1000 years.
While staying in Kyoto during a japanese study program, working or completing your studies at a Kyoto university, you may hear about special shops all around the with vintage cafes or antiques stores. And so is the case also in Kyoto’s central area of Nishijin, where much of the traditional aspects of the Japanese culture live until this day.

While staying at a one of SAKURA HOUSE KYOTO machiya share houses or private houses, finding antique shops around the neighborhood shall be a daily encounter. These provide for the opportunity to get to know more the history of the city and also get some unique souvenirs and presents to take back home.
Other than these shops though, there are many markets taking place throughout the year, so here we briefly introduce them so that you can keep them in mind during your next stay in Kyoto.


– Kobo-san –

Home to the much acclaimed Toji Temple, located about a 15 minute walk from Kyoto Station, this is the most known market in the city. Any experienced Kyoto traveler shall know of it since it is one of the largest and most visited markets in the city.

The markets takes place on the 21st of every month and begins as early as 8am, finishing at about 4pm (time varies depending on the participants).

With Kyoto Station having direct connection from SAKURA HOUSE KYOTO by either one bus or one subway (about a 30 minutes from the houses), reaching this temple is not a problem at all, and the surrounding areas of the temple also offer the possibility of having breakfast or lunch as well.

*The above map may display different options depending on the time of viewing.


– Tenshin-san –

Taking place in Kitanotenmangu Shrine, this is the closest market to SAKURA HOUSE KYOTO. It takes about 15 minutes to reach it on foot through Kamishichiken (Kyoto’s oldest geisha district).

The ambiance of Kamishichiken make it a beautiful entrance to discoveries that await around the shrine grounds, and here again, many traditional shops and restaurants shall invite to enjoy a snack or a meal on the way.

Tenshin-san takes place on the 25th of every month. Most of the exhibitors are the same as the previous Toji-san, but Nishijin being a treasure ground of antique goods, there shall be many other interesting historical and cheap goods to find and barter for.

*The above map may display different options depending on the time of viewing.


– Hyakumanben handicrafts market –

Taking place on the 15th of each month at Chion-ji Temple, this market derives its name from the alternative name of this temple, Hyakumanben.

The particularity of this market is that it specializes in hand made goods. This offers a glance into the creativity that continues to make Kyoto such a diverse and wonderful city.

It is easily accessed from our Machiya houses by just 1 bus departing at the back street of SAKURA HOUSE KYOTO, taking about a 15 minute ride.

*The above map may display different options depending on the time of viewing.


– Heian Nominoichi –

Being one of the newest markets in the city, this one also focuses mainly on handmade goods, which can be clothes, decorations and pottery, but also foods and drinks.

It usually takes place every 10th of the month at Okazaki-koen park in front of Heian-jingu Shrine, but is susceptible to vary slightly depending on the weather.

This is a great market to visit if planning to then tour a little bit around the city, since it is close to the main business area, as well as the Kamo-gawa River, Gion and the beautiful temples of the Higashiyama area.

*The above map may display different options depending on the time of viewing.


– Umekoji Park Handicraft market –

Almost exclusively displaying handcrafted goods, foods and drinks, this market is a great option for families, since Umekoji-koen Park has a great playground for kids, spacious green fields to play and even a train running inside of the park through the various trees and flowers.

Inside the park grounds is also located the Kyoto Aquarium, with a great display of local and worldwide animals and shows carried out throughout the day.

As if this wasn’t enough, right next to the park is also the Kyoto Railway Museum, inviting to spend almost an entire day just around this area of the city. Occasional shows also take place at the parks main stage, but these are not always in coordination with the market taking place, which usually happens on the first Saturday of each month.


If you are in doubt which market is the one taking place soon, you can always ask our onsite Kyoto staff who is always happy to help on any matter regarding your life in Kyoto.











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