2019/10/04 (Fri) Staff Blog

New to Tokyo? Let’s start your Japan life in a friendly guest-house!

Hello everyone!

Japan now enters the summer season. It is a very vivifying season for Sakura House as we have the chance to meet a lot of new-comers to Japan
coming from abroad to discover Japan or to start their student life or professional new life here.

For those who come to Tokyo for the very first time, the first weeks can be a bit of a challenge. The language barrier, the new environment, the change of daily life rhythm, the change of food habits, the administrative issues etc… However there is no reason to get overwhelmed as there is no reason you have to face off those changes by yourself !

Sakura House has one of the best options to offer : Our new guest-house of NISHIARAI DAISHI. It gathers all the convenient point to help you going through your first weeks / months in Tokyo.

Nishiarai Daishi Guesthouse, A friendly place to start your Japan adventures

First of all it is easy to reserve online through the Sakura House website. So you don’t have to stress out about your accommodation and can focus on your trip preparations. Once you arrive in Tokyo, Sakura House takes care of you and give you all the explanations you need about the accommodation, the neighborhood and the daily Japanese life. Nishiarai is located in a authentic Japanese neighborhood of North Tokyo, where you can experience Japanese daily lifestyle.

The famous Nishiarai Daishi Temple is located nearby

Secondly, our Nishiarai Daishi guesthouse is home of different people coming form all over the world, living together and sharing their love for Japan. So it is very easy to make friends with roommates who share your interests and can help you through the different steps you need to make during your first days in Tokyo. The best way : sharing a good home-made meal at the shared kitchen of the house!

Shared Kitchen, Shared moments, Shared memories

Lastly, the rent for a bed reservation is among the cheapest of Sakura House premises. For just 36,000 JPY a month (seasonal current price), you can enjoy your time in Japan in a friendly and sure environment, while saving money for the rest of your stay. All the utilities are included already, and there is a free and unlimited access to Wi-Fi!

The ransportation network from Nishiarai Daishi guest-house is also very convenient allowing to you get in the center easily.

Enjoying Tokyo together

So it is a perfect spot to start your life in Tokyo during the first few weeks or months, t get used to the city and its features, before eventually change to your own private unit and continue your Japanese adventures.

If you plan to come to Tokyo and are looking for a convenient housing, do not hesitate to contact Sakura House from our website.
We all would be happy to be part of your journey ^^






    Total from ¥36,000 / month




    Total from ¥38,000 / month


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