2020/09/17 (Thu) Staff Blog

New Opening in November – Higashi-Koenji

Sakura House‘s new building will open in Higashi-Koenji this November.

It’s a great time for us to welcome new residents as we prepare for the After Corona.

So today our sales staff Park went to Higashi-Koenji.



Koenji is a great residential area very close to Shinjuku.

If you walk through the streets full of vintage props, you will fall into this charming street.

In particular, Higashikoenji, which Sakura House opens, can reach Shinjuku within 7 minutes by Marunouchi Line, So access is very good.



There is a street full of trees in front of the station. In autumn, this street will be colored yellow all over.


Sakura House Higashi-Koenji

Especially, our new building is in the best position.

It is a convenient place to live because there is a language school close by and convenient facilities such as a pharmacy, post office, and supermarket.

Higashi-Koenji has not only a share house but also private Apartments to satisfy your needs, and we are very proud of this.


Share-house will be open on November 10th, but Apartments are already opened.

The room is very quiet and you can own a compact space by yourself.

Our maintenance team is always waiting for new residents and is working hard to make our new building a little more comfortable and beautiful.


Share-house is still under construction

She is Our maintenance staff Iizuka.

She studied how to make this house more convenient and discussed with other staff.

Park asked her to take a picture together.

The moment we posed, the set timer burst into laughter.

We had to wait 10 seconds for the picture to be taken.

With Sakura House’s more than 30 years of know-how,

We already look forward to seeing how this place will change and greet new residents.





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